Kit of 12 3D Hexagon Design Mirrors

VAT included

This Hexagon 3D design mirror will modernize your interior design for a trendy and avant-garde look. A unique and original mirror decoration to create the interior decor that suits you. Looking for an artistic gift idea for your loved ones or a decorative accessory that will catch the eye of your guests? Discover our selection of modern and bold design mirrors for a futuristic interior.

Couleur miroir

3D design mirror Hexagon

Invite the future in your living room with our range of futuristic and innovative design mirrors. This hexagon 3D mirror will reform your living room to reflect a futuristic interior design. You can tune this 3D mirror with the other geometric mirrored decorations in our range of modern design mirrors, turning your interior design into a museum of contemporary art.

Mirror Trend Tips ®!

Our adhesive design mirrors are flexible and robust, a mirror design practical design to offer, an original gift.
You will install your geometric wall deco with ease: our acrylic design mirrors are supplied with a notice and double-sided adhesive pads.
Before gluing them, make sure the surface is dry and clean, without dust or oil stains.
Our geometry design mirrors are easy to install, but also maintain, and each have a unique modern design.
New Age Mirror Fans will love to receive a 3D hexagon acrylic mirror from our range of futuristic designer mirrors.

Characteristics of the Hexagon 3D design mirror

Mirror acrylic design resistant.
This set of mirrors consists of 12 pieces in hexagon (80 * 70 mm), you can buy more sets to design different layouts that you want, to fit the space of your futuristic interior decoration and to your budget wall decoration design.
Design mirrors come with a set of double-sided adhesive pads. So you can fix easily on all smooth and flat surfaces your 3D hexagon design mirror.
Discover other geometric design mirrors from our range of futuristic and innovative design mirrors.

Kit de 12 Miroirs design Alvéoles

Fiche technique

Thickness (mm) :
Height (cm) :
Width (cm):
PMMA acrylic mirror (PLEXI)
Origin :
Out of Europe
Comes with:
Installation instructions and two-sided adhesive pads
Unique size :
Manufacturing time (days)
15 - 20
Reflection of the mirror:
Or ou Argent

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