Sandow Circle Mirror by EntreAutre


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Circle Sandow Mirror

EntreAutre studio design for TendanceMiroir

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125,00 € tax incl.

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Reflection of the mirror:Silver mirror
Thickness (mm) :3
Height (cm) :50
Width (cm):50
Material:Miroir aluminium & Sandow latex
creator:Tendance Miroir®
Designer:ENTRE / AUTRE design
Comes with:Notice - 3 Sandow fluo (pink, green and yellow) - 3 emissions over

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Description Mirror Sandow Circle

The Sandow mirrors designed to reflect Trend Mirror;) the intention EntreAutre anchored in the studio to provide functional objects that will arouse curiosity and envy among their users happy. Visit the studio> EntreAutre <
We bring here the color with the functional and graphical detail of the bungee cord (bungee cord natural latex).
Each appropriates are creating own pattern. Everyone "station" or posts his favorite images. This is the daily tool to see his reflection course, but also to communicate with other menbers of the family. Positioned in the entrance to her hair before leaving, it will transmit the latest messages minutes.

Description Studio EntreAutre


Entreautre gets 4 to advance to its scale, the project of a new industry.Rethinking the cycle of creation, industrialization and commercialization of products is our niche:- From the creator of the client, the least possible intermediaries.- Encourage local production and the reduction of material flows.- Marketing through a network of independent shops.We believe in the intelligence and ingenuity contained in the products.We can do more with less, and we prove it with entreautre signed objects.It is taking time to reflect, share ideas and discuss.The result speaks for itself.Simple objects, clever revealing aesthetic intelligence contained.
These values ​​are central to our work with Trend Mirror.We hope that our sensitivity and the meaning we give to our products you will touch.

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