Mirror Furniture

FURNITURE MIRROR edited by Tendance Miroir Tendance Miroir designs various furniture for indoors and outdoors. In this category, discover our range of clocks, bookcases and design bottle holders. Always created with sided mirrors, these wall furniture will bring aestheticism and decoration while lightening your indoors.

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  • Mirror Wall Clock

    The mirror of time... "The artist is the one that shows the other side of things." Quotation of Claude Bettinger. The hand moves backwards? Are you sure? Dare to look at the mirror: the time seems to pass more clearly ... and in the right way! A true piece of art, these mirror wall clocks play with the light, your indoors and your reflection. One side gives the time, but in reverse! Observe the second mirror's side and it will reveal the passing of time... With Tendance Miroir®, create the deco that reflect you ®!

  • Mirror Library

    Design Library by Tendance Miroir® Our spirit is shaped in part by what we learn. Contemplate the Tendance Miroir® library and look at the reflection of your knowledge and your soul created by the books. Tendance Miroir® re-invented the concept of library as a piece of conceptual art. We enrich our spirit with our readings, we derive our knowledge from books, novels and essays... Therefore TendanceMiroir® offers a library that reflects your soul! With Tendance Miroir®, create the deco that reflected you® !

  • Mirror bottle holder

    Tendance Miroir® introduces its Mirror bottle holder. Designed in different shapes (round, bubble, square...), this original Mirror bottle holder brings a modern style to your indoors while being practical! With Tendance Miroir®, create the deco that reflects you®!

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items